There is so much free time in isolation, but not for me. Little child, work, household chores do not go anywhere … but everything changes when it comes … Spanish … Interest in the language appeared after my 5th trip to Spain, and the love for Spanish I took over from a wonderful teacher, very pleasant and positive #tsarkovaalina Alina Tsarkova, whom I was lucky to meet when I worked as an economist in Cherkizovo Group Companie. Arriving at work at 8am I heard a familiar speech in my favorite language in a nearby open space and then I realized that there she was, my fairy appeared. So I started to learn the language not independently with errors, but functionally and in order! I really want to study again, I’ll find the time for Spanish! Studying Spanish was simple and easy with such a teacher!

Lyudmila – Economist Cherkizovo Group PJSC

Familiarity with the Spanish language began while I was working in the company Cherkizovo Group. The teacher plays an important role in language learning and we were very lucky in this. Alina is a wonderful teacher, her spanish is fluent and she knows how to share her knowledge with students. In the classroom a lot of time was devoted not only to grammar, but also to colloquial speech. We read a lot, talked, carefully sorted out mistakes in ours homeworks. I am very pleased with the knowledge I received, for which many gratitude to Alina. A young, beautiful, talented woman was able to captivate the Spanish language so that training was easy and relaxed.
Alina is a professional, I recommend lessons in her Academy!

Nina – Sales manager Cherkizovo Group PJSC

We studied Spanish with Alina in Cherkizovo Group Company. I have not yet met a teacher who loves spanish language so much. She inspired us to learn! And it was interesting, every lesson was something new. In the lessons we listened to music, met with guests. I learned words at any free minute and I did my homework even on the subway and I really fell in love with Spanish music.
Alina, you have a real teacher talent! I think this is your vocation and I wish your Academy success!

Tatiana – Head of financial control and analytics Cherkizovo Group PJSC

Alina wins favour to herself with her benevolence and interest in impart knowledge. Classes were always held dynamically, in a playful way, with a large number of dialogs, which allowed you to completely immerse yourself in the linguistic environment. I am very grateful to Alina for the wonderful activities that were filled with great love for the Spanish language, culture and people. During classes, sometimes I even caught myself thinking that I was as in Spain. If you are interested in learning Spanish and want classes to be filled with practice and a friendly atmosphere – you are welcome to Alina’s ES-Academy!

Elena – Foreign HR Specialist Renaissance Heavy Industries LLC