Політика конфіденційності

PRIVACY POLICY This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which ES-Academy, Spanish academy uses and protects the information that is provided by its users when using its website. This company is committed to the security of its users’ data. When we ask you to fill in the fields of personal information with which you can be identified, we do so by ensuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this document. However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated for what we recommend and we strongly encourage you to review this page continuously to ensure that you agree to such changes. INFORMATION THAT IS COLLECTED Our website may collect personal information such as: Name, contact information such as your email address and demographic information. Also when necessary, specific information may be required to process an order or make a delivery or billing. USE OF THE INFORMATION COLLECTED Our website uses the information in order to provide the best possible service, particularly to maintain a registry of users, orders if applicable, and improve our products and services. It is possible that periodic emails will be sent through our site with special offers, new products and other advertising information that we consider relevant to you or that may benefit you, these emails will be sent to the address you provide and may be canceled. anytime. ES-Academy, Spanish academy is highly committed to fulfill the commitment to keep your information safe. We use the most advanced systems and update them constantly to ensure that there is no unauthorized access. COOKIES A cookie refers to a file that is sent for the purpose of requesting permission to be stored on your computer, when accepting said file is created and the cookie then serves to have information regarding web traffic, and also facilitates future visits to a website recurrent. Another function that cookies have is that with them the web can recognize you individually and therefore provide you with the best personalized service on your website. Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency. This information is used only for statistical analysis and then the information is permanently deleted. You can delete cookies at any time from your computer. However, cookies help to provide a better service to websites, you are not given access to information from your computer or from you, unless you want it and provide it directly. You can accept or deny the use of cookies, however most browsers automatically accept cookies because it serves to have a better web service. You can also change the configuration of your computer to decline cookies. If they decline, you may not be able to use some of our services. LINKS TO THIRD PARTIES This website may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you. Once you click on these links and leave our page, we no longer have control over the site to which you are redirected and therefore we are not responsible for the terms or privacy or the protection of your data in those other third party sites. These sites are subject to their own privacy policies, so it is advisable to consult them to confirm that you agree with them. CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION At any time you may restrict the collection or use of personal information that is provided to our website. Each time you are asked to fill in a form, such as the user registration form, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by email. In case you have marked the option to receive our newsletter or advertising you can cancel it at any time. This company will not sell, assign or distribute personal information that is collected without your consent, unless required by a judge with a court order. ES-Academy, Spanish academy reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.     CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT WITH ES-ACADEMIA, ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL 2020-2021  Please read the following rules carefully. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask us, we will be more than happy to help in any way we can. GENERAL CONDITIONS
  1. The only formal prerequisite for the enrolment in any of our courses is to be over 18 years old. Minors will require the authorization of their parents or legal guardians, as our company does not take responsibility over the students once they are outside the academy premises. Minors who travel in groups will require the supervision of a monitor.
  2. The minimum and maximum duration of every course, starting dates and academic pre-requisites for enrolment will depend on each type of course. The students may find this information in our official website or in the informative documents our academy provides regarding our.
  3. The student’s level will always be evaluated through a written or online test before the start of the course. In case of disagreement with the results, the students will always be able to present their case in order to be re-evaluated with a written, online and oral test in order to determine their language
  4. Each Spanish course will have a specific hour duration, which every student will acquire in the form of an hour pack following their enrolment in our academy or will pay for every single hour of each individual loose class. The student may also make use of the academy’s resources while he or she has an active hour pack. The hour pack will not be considered active if the student has put his course on hold.
  5. The hour pack does not have an expiration date, that means, students can attend the lessons they bought regardless the time they need to attend all of them.
  6. The number of hours the student will have to study at home is approximately equal to the number of weekly class hours. However, the academy does not enforce the completion of these tasks. The academy will only assign its students complementary homework if they want.
  7. The groups of the Spanish Course will always be arranged based on the student’s level, with no age, gender or nationality restriction. However, when possible, the academy will try to make multicultural groups with students of similar ages and the smallest possible amount of individuals who speak the same.
  8. The class can last from 1 hour to 2 hours (60 to 120 minutes).
  9. The academy classes are held online at a distance. In addition, classes are occasionally scheduled on the terraces or in the city. These “experimental classes” will always be notified in advance, so that students can choose to attend them or not voluntarily, being able to take normal classes if they prefer. These “experimental classes” do not have an added cost, so they do not include special medical insurance for their completion, although students can request to hire it if they wish. Therefore, our company exempts itself from any responsibility for any eventuality that may occur during the course of such activities outside the academy.
  10. In order to be promoted to a higher level, the school may ask the students to take a written and oral exam in order to confirm their language level. Students may ask to take this exam whenever they feel they are ready. It will be the school’s Academic Coordination department which will be in charge of preparing and correcting these exams.
  11. At the end of the course, students may receive a Certificate of Course Achievement, which will indicate the final level acquired by the student. To receive this certificate, students must pass a written exam.
  12. Classes can be suspended for different reasons: holidays, illness of a teacher, force majeure circumstances. Canceled classes can be recovered.
  1. To confirm the reservation, individual students need to pay the full payment of the program or a first payment according to the price table specified on the web.
  2. Our academy will not be liable for any additional charges that the agencies that collaborate with us request from the students, so any percentage of return will be made based on the official prices of our services, published on our official website, not considering any another payment outside our academy.
  3. In case of interruption of the course once it has started, the academy may return the amount of money paid only to the same account from which the bank transfer was made. The student also has the possibility of taking her remaining class hours when he/she prefers.
  4. Under no circumstance may the students trade or sell their remaining class In case one student assists to lessons using the identity of another student, our academy will inform the authorities.
  5. The course start date may be postponed at any time if the student requires it, without any additional cost.
  1. Each student, when enrolling in the academy of any Spanish Course, will acquire a balance of class hours that will make up their course (acquired in the form of type of course and number of course weeks).
Example: General course (2 hours / week) / 4 weeks = balance 8 hours. In the same way, the student will acquire a balance of hours of individual classes. Example: Weekly individual classes (2 hours / week) / = balance 2 hours.
  • Every student will be able to personally manage their class attendance and schedule weekly, therefore the number of hours of class per week may The only restrictions students might encounter when making changes to their schedule are the amount of classes scheduled for their level on a daily basis and the maximum quota of 4 students per class.
  • Hour packs do not have limited time duration.
  • The contracted hours of a type of course can only be changed to a different type of course by paying the difference in cost / class hour of the course to which you want to convert. If the course is for a lower amount, it would be exchanged for a greater number of hours.
  • Every hour pack is personal and non- transferable, and therefore can’t be used by multiple students.
  • To reserve and cancel weekly classes, the student must contact the academy administration through the mobile number indicated on the web or notify the teacher in advance. The minimum period of time to make a reservation or cancellation of class will be 2 days at the beginning of said class, that is, you can never reserve or cancel a class for the next day.
  • Students are kindly requested to attend group and individual classes on time to avoid interrupting classmates.
  • We ask our students to please treat their classmates and teachers with respect and proper.
  • Eating is not allowed during class.
  • In case a student doesn’t follow the disciplinary rules, the academy reserves its right to ask the student to abandon the course. In this case the money would not be returned.
  • It is allowed to cancel or reserve classes for the next day only if the teacher agrees and gives their permission.
START OF CLASSES ONLINE OR INDOOR: 1. All students will be informed by Email, WhatsApp or any other ways of the schedule of the first class. 2. Students must inform the academy of any delay in their time to attend the online or face-to-face class. The maximum waiting time is 15 minutes from the indicated time of attendance. OTHER SCHOOL SERVICES: VIDEOS AND DIDACTIC MATERIAL 1. The use of the didactic and audiovisual materials on the WEB can be both free and paid. 2. To borrow materials from the web, students must pay the money through the payment systems installed on the web. 3. The teaching material lent to the student by the teacher is free as long as the student has paid for the course or individual class. 4. The educational material presented in the web’s online store is the property of the academy and retains all the rights of the author, so it is impossible to sell it to third parties, modify it or use it as your own. HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION:
  1. Through our website: https://esacademia.com/contact-2/
  2. By email: Please contact us at info@esacademia.com
  3. By phone: please call or write a whatsapp to the number: +34 615 88 444 3
  4. Bank details for payment by transfer:
  5. Bank: EVO
  6. Beneficiary: Angelina Tsarkova NIE: Y5357039P
  7. Account number: IBAN: ES0602390806713159282726
Please always indicate:
  • Quantity
  • Full name of the student or the profactura number.
INFORMATION IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF LAW 34/2002, OF JULY 11, ON SERVICES OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE. In compliance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI-CE), it is reported expressly, precisely and unequivocal, both to the recipients of the service and to the competent bodies, of the following aspects related to the service provider of the information society:
CIF / NIF Y5357039P
COMPANY / PROFESSIONAL ADDRESS STREET/ Torres 12, 8A, 46018 – VALENCIA (Valencia/València)
TELEPHONE +34615884443
EMAIL ADDRESS info@esacademia.com
WEB ADDRESS https://esacademia.com/
BILLING   The billing will be done by Angelina Tsarkova in the capacity of private entrepreneur or through the Coop Art cooperative, whose web address is https://www.cooperativadeartistas.es/,Postal address: Calle Laraña 4, 3ª planta, 41003 – Sevilla, tel .: 955 319 755,Email: info@coopart.es
In compliance with the provisions of Article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, LOPD), we inform you expressly, precisely and unequivocally that the data provided by You, through the forms provided for this purpose on our website or in any other channel for collecting them, as well as those generated during your relationship with our entity, will be processed in the files that are the responsibility of ES-Academia, Academia de español, duly notified in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, in order to maintain and fulfill the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity and provision of services derived from it. Likewise, in compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned LOPD and in Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI-CE), we inform you that your Data may be used for the purpose of sending you commercial and courtesy communications related to our entity by telephone, ordinary postal mail, fax, email or equivalent electronic means of communication. In the same way, we inform you that your data will be transferred in all those cases in which it is necessary for the development, fulfillment and control of the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity or in the cases in which it is authorized by a rule with the force of law and, in particular, when one of the following assumptions occurs: a) The treatment or assignment has as its object the satisfaction of a legitimate interest of the person responsible for the treatment or of the assignee protected by said rule; b) The processing or transfer of data is necessary for the data controller to fulfill a duty imposed by said rule. 2. PRINCIPLE OF CONSENT The consent for the processing of your data for the purposes described in the previous section will be understood to be given through the marking of the corresponding box provided for this purpose on our website. 3. COMPULSORY NATURE OF THE DATA REQUESTED The completion of each and every one of the fields that appear in the forms provided for this purpose on our website is mandatory (otherwise, the fields that are mandatory will be marked with an asterisk). The refusal to provide your data would lead to the impossibility of maintaining and fulfilling the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity, since they are necessary for the provision of services derived from it. 4. PRINCIPLE OF DATA QUALITY The recipient of the service will be solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided, acting ES-Academia, a Spanish academy in good faith, as a mere service provider. In the event that the recipient of the service provides false or third party data without their consent, they will respond personally to ES-Academia, Spanish academy, those affected or interested, Spanish Agency for Data Protection and, in its case, regional data protection authorities, of the responsibilities derived from said circumstance. ES-Academia, Academia de Español does not collect data from people under fourteen years of age through its website. In the event that a person under the age of fourteen provides their data through the forms provided for this purpose on our website or in any other channel for collecting them, they will be immediately destroyed at the same time that they are be aware of such a circumstance. In order to comply with the provisions of article 4.3 of the LOPD, the recipient of the service undertakes to notify ES-Academia, academia de español the changes that occur in their data, so that they respond truthfully to your current situation at all times. 5. NAVIGATION MONITORING TOOLS Our website can use navigation monitoring tools through it and the IP address of the recipient of the service, in order to improve and guarantee the provision of services and the technical operation of the same. The consent for the processing of your data for the purposes described in this section will be understood to be given through the marking of the corresponding box provided for this purpose on our website. 6. PRINCIPLE OF DATA SECURITY ES-Academia, academia de español undertakes to fulfill its obligation of secrecy regarding personal data and its duty to keep them and will adopt all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data. and avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or the physical or natural environment, developed in Title VIII of Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data. 7. EXERCISE OF RIGHTS In compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for its development, the recipient of the service can exercise, at any time, their access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the person responsible for the file or treatment, attaching a photocopy of your ID. 8. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FILE OR TREATMENT The person responsible for the file or the treatment is ES-Academia, academia de español, with an address for notification purposes at C / Torres 12, pta 8A, 46018 – VALENCIA (Valencia / València). 9. IMAGE RIGHTS Likewise, the student, within the framework of the relationship with ES-Academia, Spanish academy, in compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter , LOPD), expressly and unequivocally consents to the publication of your image, understood as personal data, in advertising brochures of our academy or website, in order to promote the courses of our academy. In compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for its development, the client can exercise, at any time, their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by contacting: ES-Academia, Spanish academy, with address at C / Calle Torres 12, pta 8A, Valencia 46018, VALENCIA attaching a photocopy of your ID.   GENERAL CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND USE OF THE WEBSITE WWW.ESACADEMIA.COM The website www.esacademia.com is owned by natural person Angelina Tsarkova (hereinafter, ES-Academy, Spanish academy), with address for the purposes of notifications in Calle Torres 12, 8A, Valencia 46018, Spain, NIF núm. Y5357039P, and email address info@esacademia.com, and through it information is provided on their activities and/or services. For the exercise of her activity, Angelina Tsarkova carries out invoicing like a private entrepreneur Angelina Tsarkova has a training certificate as a “Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language” granted by the Spanish school “Hispania-Valencia”, whose website is www.hispania-valencia.com. Any other activity that Angelina Tsarkova cannot do as a natural person and private entrepreneur – she does it through the cooperative “CoopArt”, collaborating with the “Hispania-Valencia” school. The access and use of the website attributes the condition of “User” to the user and implies the full, express and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions, in force at the time of access. If the user does not fully understand the present conditions of use or does not agree with them, they must refrain from using and operating through this website. These general conditions govern solely and exclusively the use of the website of ES-Academy, Spanish academy by users who access and/or browse www.esacademia.com. The present general conditions are exposed in each and every one of the pages of the website www.esacademia.com, so that users can read, print and archive them. FIRST.- CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND USE. The use of the website of ES-Academy, Spanish academy  is free and does not require the prior registration of the user. In those cases in which the access and/or use of certain services and/or contents requires the registration or subscription of the users, it will be necessary that they previously accept the corresponding Privacy Policy and the specific General Conditions, because it will not be possible to access to them without such acceptance. The conditions of access and use of this website are strictly governed by current legislation and by the principle of good faith as well as the user agreeing to only make good use of the website. All acts that infringe the rights or interests of third parties (right to privacy, data protection, intellectual property, etc.), or current legislation are prohibited. ES-Academy, Spanish academy  expressly prohibits:
  • Perform actions that may produce on the website or through it, by any means, any type of damage to the systems of ES-Academy, Spanish academy  or third parties.
  • Perform without authorization any type of advertising or commercial information directly or covertly, sending mass mailings (“spamming”) or sending large messages in order to block servers from the network (“mail bombing”). The user undertakes not to use the website, nor the contents or information and/or the services offered in it for the realization of activities contrary to the law and to respect at all times the present general conditions.
ES-Academy, Spanish academy  may interrupt at any time the access to its website if it detects a use contrary to legality, good faith or these general conditions. SECOND.- CONTENTS. The contents incorporated in this website have been developed and included by ES-Academy, Spanish academy, using internal and external sources, in such a way that ES-Academy, Spanish academy, is only responsible for the content developed internally. ES-Academy, Spanish academy  reserves the right to modify at any time the existing content on its website. ES-Academy, Spanish academy  does not assure nor is responsible for the correct functioning of the links to third party websites that appear in en www.esacademia.com. In addition, through the website en www.esacademia.com, free services and/or payment services offered by third parties may be made available to users, which will be governed by the particular conditions of said services. ES-Academy, Spanish academy, does not guarantee in any way the veracity, accuracy or timeliness of the contents and services offered by third parties and is expressly exempt from any type of liability for damages that may arise from the lack of accuracy of these contents and services. Those contents -both graphics and writings- elaborated and included by the users, through collaborations or through the voluntary introduction of the same, either directly or indirectly – through links or links-, are the exclusive responsibility of the users themselves, ES-Academy, Spanish academy  of all responsibility, is expressly exempt. The user who enters any content on the website www.esacademia.com shows the absolute legality and authorship of the same and expressly assumes all types of responsibility that may derive from these contents. The user is also responsible for the opinions entered in the chat and forums placed at his disposal, where appropriate, through the website. ES-Academy, Spanish academy   will not be responsible in any case for the opinions expressed in the aforementioned forums and will be able to withdraw said contents and/or prevent access to users that violate the current legislation as well as to inform the Courts and Tribunals of the facts that they are constitutive of some type of criminal or civil crime. THIRD.- RESPONSIBILITY. ES-Academy, Spanish academy will in no case be responsible for:
  • Failures and incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions so that there is no guarantee that the services of the website are constantly operational.
  • Of the production of any type of damage that users or third parties may cause on the website.
  • Of the reliability and veracity of the information introduced by third parties on the website, either directly, or through links.
ES-Academy, Spanish academy reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice in a discretionary manner and with a definitive or temporary nature until the effective liability for any damage that may occur. ES-Academy, Spanish academy will collaborate and notify the competent authority of the incidents previously indicated at the moment in which it has reliable knowledge that the damage caused constitutes any type of illegal activity. FOURTH.- COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK ES-Academy, Spanish academy and ES-Academia, academia de español is a registered trademark. The use of others, by any means, of the brand is prohibited. ES-Academy, Spanish academy, which includes both the name and the logo, unless expressly consented ES-Academy, Spanish academy. All rights reserved. In the same way, the own contents, the programming and the design of the website www. esacademia.com  are fully protected by copyright, and any reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the aforementioned protected elements is expressly prohibited, except with the express consent of ES-Academy, Spanish academy. ES-Academy, Spanish academy can use external sources to prepare content and establish links or hyperlinks to articles or information from third parties, always citing the source. The legitimate owner of the copyright of the information thus included may request at any time the elimination of the aforementioned contents. Both graphic and written materials sent by users through the means made available on the website are the property of the user who states when sending them their legitimate authorship and transfers the rights of reproduction and distribution to ES-Academy, Spanish academy. FIFTH.- JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. The Courts of Valencia are competent to resolve any dispute or conflict arising out of these general conditions, the user expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to him. SIXTH.- MISCELLANEAOUS.  In the event that any clause of this document is declared void, the other clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of these conditions. ES-Academy, Spanish academy may not exercise any of the rights and faculties conferred in this document, which will not imply in any case the waiver of the same, unless expressly acknowledged by ES-Academy, Spanish academy.